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The collection of the Goetz Library of the University at Buffalo Department of Classics includes volumes in such diverse subfields as Greek and Latin literature, textual criticism, epigraphy, numismatics, ancient history, Greek and Roman law, classical archaeology and art, mythology and religion, and ancient philosophy and science. The reference collection includes dictionaries and lexica, encyclopedias, atlases, and bibliographies for the study of Classics. The Goetz library strives to meet the needs of the faculty and students who rely on its collection for their research and study.


1. Use of the library is restricted to faculty, graduate and undergraduate students of the Department of Classics. Others must obtain special permission from the Chairperson. Faculty and graduate students have 24 hour access. Undergraduate majors may request access Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

2. Books should be re-shelved according to call number after each use, or returned to the "Return Books Here" shelf.

3. Borrowing, General:
         a) All borrowed books must be signed out.
         b) Books may be signed out to offices, provided the borrower is physically present to turn them over to others upon request. Books may not be kept overnight.
         c) Lockwood copies should be obtained for home use.
         d) No more than two (2) books should be signed out by any one user.
         e) Books should not be removed from MFAC.

4.Borrowing, Restricted:
         a) Primary reference books MAY NOT leave the Goetz Library.
         b) Any books that are not provided with a sign-out sheet may not leave the Goetz Library.

5. Books placed on the Course Reserve shelf may not be taken out of the library.

6. Periodicals and/or journals may be signed out using the journal sign-out sheet on the bulletin board.


8. All users are responsible for maintaining order, quiet and good working conditions. Your cooperation is extremely important. Violators may be excluded from the library.

9. Study spaces are limited. Please remove your personal possessions when you leave the library.

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